Become a proud sponsor of the Flagstaff Star Party and be a part of a uniquely Flagstaff event!

2019 FSP Sponsorship package

The Flagstaff Star Party welcomes a thousand visitors per night!
No Town “Owns” Dark Skies like Flagstaff!

“Astro-tourism” is a vibrant and growing sector of the tourism economy, and one that Flagstaff – the First International Dark-Sky City, is ideally positioned to take advantage of. The Flagstaff Star Party shares Flagstaff’s world–renowned dark starry skies with those who may not have the opportunity to view starry night skies because of urban sky glow, yet have a curiosity and desire to see the beauty of a starry sky for themselves, and wish to experience with their families the wonder such views can inspire.

The 2019 event will be anchored by three nights of naked-eye and telescope viewing in Buffalo Park, with thirty telescopes hosted by amateur and professional astronomers. Thursday and Friday will also feature a popular-level presentation by a Flagstaff scientist about the wonders of the Universe over our heads, and photo-journalist Stan Honda will lead a night sky photography workshop! Saturday will premier with a string quartet under the stars! The Flagstaff Star Party is a community supported event and the most easily accessible dark sky Star Party in the world, located in the center of Flagstaff at Buffalo Park.  The Star Party has also partnered once again with the Flagstaff Festival of Science, which seeks to highlight northern Arizona as a community that values and embraces science discovery and lifelong learning.  All of this will happen September 26, 27, and 28, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, from 6 – 10 pm.   

We are committed to keeping this event free to the public and we would welcome you to partner with us.

2019 FSP Sponsorship package